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Yonah Offner

About Yonah:

Because of a car wreck, I was seriously injured, and that's when I started yoga. Because of the yoga, I have been running now for 35 years. Before that I was not a runner. I am running now without any injury for the IDF.

During the recent Gaza War I joined a Team of “Connections Israel “ Volunteers to Support the Troops” at the border. We had a BBQ for hundreds of soldiers. We also brought (needed) Army issue gear night lights, “T” shirts and gifts, it was an amazing time. I was Touched, Moved & Inspired by hundreds of volunteers who came from all around Israel to support the Israeli Defense Force(IDF). The IDF protects the Jewish Home Land. Please join the Team by Running or Donating.

Love to All

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Proceeds go to Connections Israel, in support of connecting and supporting IDF soldiers in very personalized ways.


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